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Logon Help Text

In order to log on, you will need your British Tennis Membership number. This is a nine digit number commencing "10". Prior to June 2008, all players were allocated an "LTA Membership Number" (between 1 and 6 digits). Our systems currently accept BOTH numbers.


Once you are registered with us you may choose a "username". This can be your name, nickname, email address or anything else provided it is unique and nobody else has chosen the same username. Your username may be used as an alternative to your British Tennis Membership Number or your LTA number.


Please remember that our systems are entirely separate to those operated by the Lawn Tennis Association. By registering with the LTA this does NOT automatically register you for our website and online systems.


If you need any help or assistance with logging on or with our online entry system then please telephone us on 08712 779 819. 

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