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Registration and payment Conditions

(1) If accepted into a competition, I authorise you to debit my account with the entry fee. Unless stated otherwise in the conditions published for an individual competition, fees are ONLY charged once a player is accepted to participate and the cancellation (withdrawal) deadline has passed.


(2) I understand that entry fees are collected by Tennis Services UK Limited, who is authorised as an agent for the club, centre, committee or organisation hosting the competition.

(3) In the event of a payment being declined by the card-issuer, I accept that I may (at our sole discretion) still be accepted to play, in which case, I agree to settle the fee immediately using an alternative payment method. We may at our discretion insist that an entry fee is settled prior to a player's first match in a competition, failing which the player may not be allowed to participate.


(4) I accept that I may cancel an application to any competition up to the advertised cancellation/withdrawal deadline, although it is my responsibility to ensure that the cancellation has been received and acknowledged by the deadline.

(5) I accept that it is my responsibility to determine whether I have been accepted for a competition (regardless of whether any notification is received from us) and to find out the date and time I should report for my first match, (where applicable).


(6) Unless more specifically stated in the conditions published by an individual competition, I accept that once accepted to play and the cancellation/withdrawal deadline has passed then no refund is allowable (and any unpaid entry fee shall become immediately payable) where a player is unable to participate FOR ANY REASON.


(7) Where fees and/or charges remain outstanding (whether in respect of competitions managed by Tennis Services UK Limited or any other tournament organisers) then we may, at our sole discretion decide not to accept a player for any further competitions.


(8) We may decline to accept any application in accordance with LTA Competition Regulations or otherwise, in which case no entry fee will be charged (and any entry fee paid will be returned).

(9) We may suspend or terminate access to a player's online account and/or block a player from making online applications and/or cancellations via our online entry system and state that applications and/or cancellations are made using other means - if we feel it is reasonable and appropriate to do so.

(10) An entry fee remaining unpaid for 14 days or more after the first day of a competition will result in an administration charge of £8.00. In the event of any payment remaining outstanding for 30 days or more, then we reserve the right to levy further administrative fees and to charge any additional costs necessary to recover outstanding sums.


(11) By registering or re-registering with us you authorise us to collect any previously unpaid sums on your account.


(12) I accept that applications made using the Membership Number (or username) and password supplied shall constitute formal acceptance of these conditions.

Statement of Service/Administrative Charges


(a) Tennis Services UK Limited operates a pre-payment policy for all events and tournaments managed on behalf of hosting clubs, centres and organisations. Where payments made to either ourselves or to hosting organisations are dishonoured, declined or paid late, then you agree to pay us the following fees:


(  i) Dishonoured Cheques - £11.00 per cheque.


( ii) Credit/Debit Card Declined Transactions - Up to two declined transactions in a 12 month period shall be permitted without charge. Thereafter a fee of £8.00 per TRANSACTION shall apply.


(iii) Credit/Debit Card Disputed Transactions - If we make a valid billing to your credit or debit card which you dispute with your card company and payment is withheld (i.e. charged back to us) as a result, then a fee of £28.00 shall be payable. This is to cover the chargeback fee billed to us by our merchant processing company (£20.00) and an £8.00 administration fee to cover our time in dealing with the matter. These fees are in addition to the value of the withheld transaction(s).  


( iv) Late Payments: A fee of £8.00 per transaction shall be added to any amount which remains outstanding 14 days after the date of an event (or the first day of a tournament covering more than one day).


( v) Recovery Fee - If a payment remains outstanding for 60 days or more, then a county court claim fee (minimum £35.00 depending on the value of the claim) will be added to the amount due. Further costs and expenses necessary to enforce a judgment will also be payable.


(b) Where any payment remains outstanding, Tennis Services UK Limited may at its sole discretion refuse to accept a player for any future competitions until the payment is received in full.


(c) We may, at our sole discretion, decline to accept applications where there has been a poor history of payments. We may also insist that applications are made by post, accompanied by a guaranteed means of payment (postal order, bankers draft, cash or building society cheque).


(d) If you fail to pay any amounts due to us (or any clubs, centres or organisations where we act as agent for the collection of fees), then we may also pass any details we hold to debt collection companies, credit reference agencies and/or other tournament organisers.

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