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TSUK 2012 Winter Competitions Brochure - Photo Competition
Article Date: Friday 15th June 2012

*** Please note that this competition has now closed and the winning photo has been chosen ***


As part of our 2012 Winter Competitions Guide due for publication in July, TSUK is inviting players to submit photographs for use on the outside front cover. The guide is a full colour, multi-page brochure distributed to many clubs, centres and LTA offices in a number of counties - including details of all TSUK Managed and Assisted tournaments taking place between September 2012 and March 2013. A fee will be payable to the selected player.


In the past, most of our front cover photos have been selected from commercial photography websites (such as IStock Photo), although we would also like to invite applications from players. There are no age restrictions and a fee of £30.00 will be paid to the featured player.


Interested applicants should note the following:


(1) The photograph must be in PORTRAIT format, have an appropriate background to allow our designers sufficient space to add text and be of sufficient resolution for an A5 cover page. The front covers of our last four brochures are shown below as examples:





(2) The background of the photo should be a suitable representation of winter tennis events and preferably an indoor shot.



(3) Application deadline for the submission of photos is 12:00 noon on Monday 9th July 2012. The winning applicant will be notified by email and/or telephone shortly after this deadline.


(4) A consent form will need to be completed for any photo selected for use, countersigned by a parent or legally registered guardian in the case of players aged under 18 years old. This will be sent to the winning applicant shortly after the application deadline.


(5) Photographs submitted of other players will NOT be accepted. However a suitable photograph including two or more players may be considered as an exception, provided both/all players (and parents, if applicable) submit the same photo in separate emails with a covering explanation. The fee will be shared in such circumstances.


(6) The player (and/or parent) must have exclusive usage rights to any photo submitted. Photographs submitted by commercial photographers, having any copyright restrictions or already appear in the public domain as saleable images (such as modelling sites, IStock Photo, etc.), cannot be considered.


(7) We reserve the right to use the winning photograph in other marketing media in connection with events and tournaments managed, assisted or promoted by TSUK including (but not limited to) advertisements, flyers, website publications on a perpetual basis (i.e. at any time in the future).


(8) Please refrain from emailing us entire albums nor photographs with an aggregate size of more than 5MB - they are unlikely to reach us.


(9) We reserve the right to crop, alter, resize or overlay any selected photograph.


(10) Submissions from players who are NOT registered with TSUK are welcome but please include the model's name, date of birth, address and contact details in the email.


(11) The decision of Tennis Services UK Limited as to the selection of photographs shall be final and we will not enter into any correspondence regarding non-selection.


Please email suitable photographs to marketing@tennisuk.net. Please do not use this email address for any other correspondence.

*** Please note that this competition has now closed and the winning photo has been chosen ***






Tennis Services UK Limited
15th June 2012

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