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Events on 3rd and 4th March - Adverse Weather Update
Article Date: Sunday 04th March 2018

WEATHER UPDATE - Last revised Sunday 4th March at 16:45

In view of the likelihood of weather related disruption this weekend, players and parents are asked to check this page for updates, particularly before starting their journey to events. Please note that this information ONLY applies to Matchplays, ONEMATCH, FAST4 and SuperSeries competitions taking place at Sutton Tennis Academy and David Lloyd Hatfield on 3rd and 4th March. If you are playing in an LTA Winter Regional Tour then please check the LTA website for more information or contact the named tournament referee.


All events on Saturday 3rd March took place, as planned. Only 3/46 players withdrew on weather related grounds.

All  events on Sunday 4th March are in progress.


We do expect players and parents to put their own safety first and if you are unable to get to the event then please telephone the referee on 0333 247 9819 and explain the circumstances. Do not send emails as our office is normally closed at the weekend.


If the event is cancelled, will I be told?


If an event is cancelled, this page will be updated as soon as the decision is made to cancel We shall send players emails to confirm this although this may take some time to do. Please avoid telephoning referees with weather related enquiries - only telephone us if you are withdrawing from an event or are unable to get to the venue in time for your match/es Decisions to cancel will be made by the referee on an event-by-event basis in consultation with the club/centre concerned.


If I am running late for my match/es will play be delayed in view of the weather conditions?


We would ask all players and parents to allow additional travelling time as it may not be possible to make allowances for players who are running late. If you are running late then please telephone us on 0333 247 9819 and discuss the matter with the referee of the event you are playing in. We cannot delay matches if this is likely to lead to an event over-running our court booking time and the referee may have to give walkovers in order to ensure that events are completed. Such decisions are at the entire discretion of the referee.

If I withdraw after the withdrawal deadline due to adverse weather conditions will I receive penalty points?


Yes. However players can appeal the points by emailing the LTA – we have been told that each case will be considered on an individual basis. You should receive an email from the LTA advising that penalty points have been incurred by the Wednesday following the event. This email details the appeal process. Please remember that tournament organisers have no discretion over the imposition of LTA withdrawal points – they are beyond the jurisdiction of event referees and TennisUK.


Will I get a refund if I withdraw (after the cancellation deadline) because of adverse weather conditions?


A player will receive a refund if the event is cancelled AND the player has not withdrawn prior to the decision to cancel the event. 


If other players withdraw and this affects the number of matches I play, will I receive a refund?


Yes. Provided you do not withdraw from an event (or miss any matches due to late arrival) then if we are unable to offer you the stipulated minimum number of matches through no cause of your own, then a proportionate entry fee refund is made. If no matches are possible then the entry fee will be refunded in full.


Will cancelled events be rearranged?


No. The calendar of events is arranged several months in advance and finding a suitable alternative date for all players to be available is not feasible.


If I am entitled to a full or part refund, do I have to apply for this?


No. This will be processed automatically via your TennisUK online account within three days of the event date. You can check this by logging onto your account and clicking on the “Transactions” tab

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