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TSUK Matchplay Programme to include ONEMATCH events from April 2015
Article Date: Monday 02nd February 2015

From April 2015, in addition to our standard matchplay events, we shall be staging events which offer players ONE match against opponents of the same rating.

We have received a number of requests over the past year from players who would prefer to play just one match per session compared to the standard matchplay format whereby accepted players take part in two matches per event.

The new ONEMATCH events will be staged in Men's and Ladies Open categories only although we may extend this to our junior events at a later stage.

ONEMATCH events may be of particular interest to players who find that they are not being accepted for events due to a lack of other applicants of the same rating. Just two applicants of the same rating are needed in order to consider players for a ONEMATCH event. ONEMATCH events are also cheaper (half the normal price) and are less likely to run into the very late evenings - players accepted in evening ONEMATCH matches will be scheduled to start their match no later than 6:45pm.

Players may apply for both standard matchplay events and ONEMATCH events if they wish to do so and there is no limit to the number of events which a player may apply for on the same day. Our system ensures that no player can be accepted to play in more than one event (or at one venue) per day.

For more details of our events between now and the end of May, click on the "Featured Competitions" link and select "The TennisUK Matchplays Programme".

Tennis Services UK Limited
2nd February 2015

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