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Grade 4 Tournaments

Many tournaments run at local clubs and centres are grade 4 rankings competitions. They are suitable for beginner and intermediate players and generally take place over a period of 1-7 days. Rankings points are earned according to the number of rounds won in an event and the number of points for winning successive rounds in a grade 4 competition is higher than a grade 5 event. There are also many grade 4 one-day competitions which generally use an abbreviated scoring format and offer each player a minimum of 2-3 matches.


Many multi-day grade 4 competitions include several age categories. Some tournaments also hold doubles events too. The application (and cancellation) deadline for most grade 4 competitions tends to be 7-14 days before the starting date.


Matches in grade 4 competitions also count for LTA RATINGS purposes too.

Click here to visit the Featured Competitions section of our website and look out for tournaments with the Grade 4 logo. For one-day grade 4 events, click here to visit The TennisUK One-Day Event Programme.

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