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SuperSeries Tournaments

A "Super Series" tournament is a 4-day competition consisting of up to 40 players. 16 players take part in a one-day pre-qualifying event on the first day. Players winning both matches progress to a qualifying draw on day 2 which includes 12 players of higher standard. The 4 players who win both matches on the 2nd day qualify for the two-day main-draw event which takes place on the 3rd and 4th days. In general, these tournaments take place over two consecutive weekends, although some weekday tournaments take place over four consecutive days.


In each pre-qualifying and qualifying event, losers play consolation matches against each other, ensuring two matches for each participant. The 3rd & 4th day main-draw event features the best 8-12 applicants plus the qualifiers from day 2. This main-draw is a two way “compass” draw offering each player FOUR matches. Results count towards LTA ratings and prize money is awarded to the winner and runner-up in Mens/Ladies tournaments.


Entry fee are based on participation. A fee is charged for each stage of the tournament in which a player takes part or reaches. However a player qualifying from any stage of the tournament pays only 50% of the entry fee to the next stage.


Adult (Mens and Ladies Open) SuperSeries competitions are grade 3 LTA rankings competitions.


Click here to visit the Featured Competitions section of our website and look out for tournaments with the word “SuperSeries” in the description.

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